Healthcare Photography - Capturing an image library for new website

More healthcare imagery from web rebuild at Clinton Memorial Hospital.

Looking back I am reminded of the truly genuine people I had the chance to photograph, of them, some of the top nurses, case managers, doctors and surgeons in the midwest.  Everyone our team encountered during the shoot had a genuine attitude of caring and concern for their patients.  Whether it be a serious care situation such as cancer or heart attack, these are the folks that patients look to in times when they are most vulnerable.

Often times when hospitals re-vamp their brand, they opt for stock healthcare photography.  While maybe this works in big cities where the care is more palliative and the hospital is not really "tied into" the community, in mid to smaller sized towns, these hospitals are pillars of the community.  Utilizing REAL PEOPLE, REAL DR's, REAL NURSES in the photography, makes all the difference.

From familiar faces, to genuine looks, leave it to the pros to do their own job.  No one plays the part better.  

Healthcare Photography - Capturing an image library for new website at Clinton Memorial Hospital.

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