Gear talk

So while I'm not a total gear head, but I'm often asked what kind of equipment I take on my travel photography assignments.  One recent email I received was related to an ad I shot for GoPuck portable power blocks and another related to my gear bags for travel so I thought I'd address those in this post. First question I received was related to the ad for GoPuck power blocs in Melk, Austria.  "What kind of tripod are you using in this shot?"

GoPuck on location in Melk, Austria
GoPuck on location in Melk, Austria

For small cameras like the GoPro or the Fuji X100S, I use the Manfrotto Table Top Tripod.

While it's sturdy enough to handle a DSLR, I use it mainly as a lightweight packable platform for my small cameras.  I've even zip tied it's legs to a fencepost in a jam to get a taller stabilized vantage point.

Long story short (pun intended) this mini tripod goes with me everywhere.  On commercial shoots it doubles as a speed light holder for lighting backgrounds, .   It's an extremely versatile piece of kit to have from pro to amateur.

Next question that I'm often asked and I thought I'd go ahead and answer it in this gear post - "What kind of bag(s) do you use for your cameras?"

I use a number of different bags and think in my 10 years of doing this professionally, I've use almost every brand...Kata, Bogen, Domke, LowePro, ThinkTank, Pelican, name it!  What I've settled in on recently is a combination of two brands of cases for my camera gear, Tamrac & Ogden Made. Tamrac you probably recognize and Ogden Made, you may not.   I use them in very different situations and scenarios so bear with me.

On travel assignments I typically pare my camera gear down to one large Tamrac Anvil 27 backpack and it carries both my lighting (if I'm using lights) and my array of lenses and bodies.

On quick trips or around town shooting street photography, I carry an Ogden Made Two Bit Klettersack.  Ogden Made is a small bag company based in Ogden Utah and is the

GoPuck has been a partner of mine for the past few years after meeting Shaun Gurley from their team in Vail Colorado while shooting the GoPro Mountain Games.  We use GoPucks to power our GoPros for long time lapse shots, bts video and of course topping off all of our phones and tablets.