Happy Humans - Hidden from plain sight...

Happy Humans Project

This Happy Human is one of the most obvious choices that hid from clear sight. 

Her birthday popped up on my calendar this morning and an “A-HA!” moment happened. I had planned on a Happy Humans portrait post today. Why didn’t I think of her straight away?

I’ll make a long story short (well shorter than a normal Rick Story) because she’ll likely kill me for even posting this to begin with.

Kathy is the type of person that didn’t immediately come to mind because she is such a selfless person. Truly...utterly...selfless. On any given day you can find her taking on a multitude of duties and making sure other’s lives are full and happy. All the while she’s beaming. Maybe not the most obvious smile, but you can feel her happiness emanating from her core. She’s happy. 

The happiness I see seems to stem from her ability to share her talents, her love and her passion for helping others. Last week I wrote about being the “average of those you spend time with”...Kathy is one of those people you would want to help "tilt your average" in a more Christian and caring direction. 

I won’t go into details, but the giving of time she does on a weekly basis makes makes my head spin. She inspires others to be happier more giving humans!

God bless ya Kathy and Happy Birthday to a Happy Human...You make others around you Happier Humans as well!