Tellaro - Italy


Tellaro - Italy

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Think the towns of the Cinque Terre are beautiful?  Think the scenery on the Cinque Terre is gorgeous? It's just as picturesque here if not even better!
What's even more? It's yet spoiled by every Rick Steve's like tourist and tour book know it all.  This is Italy's unspoiled "uno terre" HAHA! 

But in all seriousness, the quiet town of Tellaro Italy sits just 60 miles south of the last town of the Cinque Terre below LaSpezia and is an undiscovered gem of the Italian coastline.  

It is situated in what is now called the Gulf of Poets because for centuries it has drawn writers and poets like Byron and Shelley, the latter of whom actually died here.  

The tiny harbor pictured here is nestled at the bottom of maze like lanes that meander down to the sea.  At night, the crashing waves calm and the stars are sprinkled above the hillside like iridescent snowflakes.  

Sit back, pour a glass of wine, tune your stereo to ocean waves while you gaze upon and "Rilassarsi" - RELAX!

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