The Gondolas of Venice - Italy


The Gondolas of Venice - Italy

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When you think of Venice Italy, likelihood is one of just a few things come to mind.  For me, it is the gondolas and gondoliers of the waterways.  

Venice by night is a dreamy sight of water, lights and textured buildings.  A contrasty palette of blues, yellows and oranges combined with motion and waves to create an almost etherial scene.  

While on my way home to the Venice apartment after a long days travels on the islands of Burano & Murano, I stopped to capture one of my most favorite symbols of Venetian life, gondolas.  

As I worked the framing, exposure and focus, I struggled to find the right way to capture this swirl of colors and motion.  The sun had set, the light had transitioned from golden hour to blue hour. With that, light available to capture the scene was fading by the minute. Secretly, I often opt for technical perfection over things like motion blur.  That said, sometimes it's necessary to allow for the technical imperfections, in this capture specifically, the photograph would be nothing if it weren't for the motion blur of the lonely gondolas.  

I decided to opt for expression over technical and let the viewer in on what's happening here. The sensation of movement allows this moment to live on in the blurred bobbing of the boats and waves.

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