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Cincinnati Ohio based Drone Pilot - Part 107 Authorized


About our Drone Photography and Drone Video operations:

We are a Cincinnati, Ohio based aerial (drone) services company. We operate in compliance with Part 107 of the FAA rules and hold an FAA Integrated Airmen Certificate. Our first priority is to provide a safe and legally compliant drone service. Rick is a highly trained drone pilot with over 20 years of remote flying experience and a keen photographic eye for creating impactful imagery and video.
Whether you are looking for an aerial view of a your business operations, building, or you want to market luxury real estate or need to keep up with the progress of a construction job, our drone photography is a perfect fit.
Videography with UAVs has created a new perspective on scenes and can make an enormous impact in your film or advertising. Whether you need a full production video or a few cut aways to utilize in your film or advertising, our drone video can deliver exactly what you need!
Looking for more info about working with us to capture Aerial Photo and Video for you? 

FAA Part 107 Licensed Remote Pilot

We proudly comply with Part 107 and hold an FAA license to operate drones for photography and videography.  The FAA recently amended the regulations for flying a drone commercially and we are in full compliance with the new law.  This is important because our first priority is safety and we take that commitment seriously. We are also one of the first aerial services companies in the Cincinnati, Ohio area to be Part 107 compliant.
Anyone claiming that they don't need a license or are instead not selling their time to fly the drone, but instead sell the "services" related to flying a drone are not following the law and could cause problems for your business. Don't put your company or self at risk hiring someone that is not compliant with Part 107 of the FAA regulations.
We have completed an intensive FAA sUAS course and have obtained a Remote Pilot Certificate to operate sUAS (drones) for commercial purposes under the FAA Part 107 guidelines.

Fully insured

We are fully insured for up to $1 M and have options available for operation coverage up to $5 M.  We carry insurance to limit your liability and because we operate as a business not a hobby. 
Keep in mind that again, if you don't choose us, that's fine...but make sure to choose a fully licensed and insured company.  Many are not.  You'll only know if you ask. 
There's a reason behind some of the low cost operators out there.  Make sure your business is not liable for any incident due to hiring someone to perform a flight that is not insured or licensed.


Drone Aerial Videography in Cincinnati & Kentucky

Aerial Drone Video of Thomas More College Campus in Crestview Hills KY. This is a low level aerial video of Thomas More College. A small university in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati Ohio.

Aerial Drone Video of Summit Hills Country Club in Crestview, Hills KY. This is a low level aerial tour of the facilities and was used in the advertising of the club for their websites and newsletters.

Hole by Hole Aerial Drone Video of Summit Hills Country Club golf course in Crestview, Hills KY. This is a low level aerial tour of the course hole by hole used in the advertising of the club for their websites and newsletters.

Aerial overview of Brookwood Swim Club in Edgewood KY used in the advertising of the club for their websites and newsletters.

Aerial video survey of residential real estate property used by owner and Realtor in listing residential home for sale.

Personal aerial video project featuring an Aerial view of July 4th Celebration in Edgewood KY 

Aerial Drone Video of Emery Oleochemical Plant near St. Bernard in Cincinnati Ohio. This is a low level aerial video of the manufacturing facility and railyard. This aerial drone footage was used in corporat communications and advertising.

Aerial Drone Video of Summit Hills Country Club in Golf Course and Practice Facility in Crestview, Hills KY. This is a low level aerial tour of the course and practice area used in the advertising of the club.

Aerial Drone Video of a commercial real estate project for use in client communication and sale of property.
Aerial property overview video completed in Cincnnati Ohio.

Aerial video survey of residential real estate property and surrounding neighborhood used by Realtor in listing residential home for sale.

I recently had the opportunity to capture aerial video and a few photos for a commercial client, shooting their warehouse and office spaces via DJI Drone

Aerial overview of Brookwood Swim Club in Edgewood KY used in the advertising of the club for their websites and newsletters.

Drone Aerial Client Reviews:

Aerial Realty Photography

Rick is a True professional - His work is very personable and was exactly what I needed. As a real estate professional I don't have time to explain the type of professional shots I need to get a fast sale. Rick scheduled the shots quickly and had the pictures to me immediately. I would Highly recommend Rick for any type of job. If you want a true professional, work completed quickly and Beautiful pictures Rick is your Photographer!

Julie Feagan
Huff Realty

Aerial Photo & Video

Rick and Julie are an amazing business power couple.  Look no further for friendly & professional aerial photography and aerial video.  The care they take to make sure every detail is thought of is not common in the photography space and as a business owner, details matter to me.  They understand that from the get go.  The fact that both Rick and Julie come from a business background shows in everything from the first call to the final delivery of imaging.  Highly reccommend. 

Shannon Salvatori

Construction Aerial

We have used Rick several times on our job sites over the last several years. Service has been super professional and timely.
A long term relationship for aerial services is a no brainer as they are cost effective and the quality of aerial photography they produce is unmatched in the Cincinnati area.
Rick has a client focus that is spot on.  Thanks much for your awesome work!

Mark Isman

Drone Videography

Rick did a great job for me (as drone operator/ photographer). I'm in Los Angeles and he worked independently and delivered perfectly.

Gordon Recht
Gordon Recht Productions, Inc.

I needed some aerial photography done for a rendering project. Rick got it done super quick and was really easy to work with. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for good quality and a quick turn-around.

PDX Imaging

Mapping & Ortho Mosaic Aerial Photography

We can also generate Ortho mosaic Maps, Digital Elevation Models, aerial 3D models, point clouds and digital surface models (DSM) from aerial data.  An ortho mosaic, orthophoto, orthophotograph or orthoimage is an aerial photograph geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) such that the scale is uniform: the photo has the same lack of distortion as a map. Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophotograph can be used to measure true distances, because it is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface, having been adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt.
Put simply, an orthomosaic map is a detailed, accurate photo representation of an area, created out of many photos that have been stitched together and geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) so that it is as accurate as a map.


Aerial Ortho Mosaic Mapping


Aerial 3D Modeling


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