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Aerial Video and Photo

Creating Impactful Aerial Videos to highlight your business!

We use a variety of approaches to capture aerial photography from commercial helicopters to aerial helicams. We are proud to announce that we now offer video capture through our aerial helicam platform, providing bold and vivid HD and 4K video for your aerial footage needs.

While we often use commercial helicopters to capture photography, by using our remote aerial helicam system, we are able to capture high definition aerial photography and video footage at extremely low altitude with cinematic feel and quality.

A separate pilot and camera operator work together using the helicam system. While the pilot places the helicam in position, the camera operator lines up the best angle to get the right shot. The camera operator has ability to use a live view feed from the camera as it’s filming, so adjustments are made to make sure the optimal view is captured.

From capturing the feel of a campus to an overview of a golf course and everything in between…we’d love to work with you on your aerial video project.

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