Healthcare Photography with the Patient In Mind

Healthcare is more than just X-Rays, Hospital Rooms, I.V.’s and Nurses.  It’s about the care, it’s about the people who serve those in need, it’s about the experience you have when you enter a patient room.  The care that’s shown to you through actions outside of the medical realm.  Conversations, a reassuring moment as a caregiver holds your hand…in other words real moments, the ones you take for granted.

We recently completed a campaign with Clinton Memorial Hospital in Wilmington Ohio.  The entire project demonstrated just how a complete website & marketing revamp should go.  From the very get go of working with the marketing coordinator at CMH, it was clear, this project was focused on the right audience, the patients.  Not the CEO, not the marketing department’s ego, or the cardiology departments desire to be front page.  It was very clear that this hospital had a clear vision of sharing exactly the type of care offer to the community and what they are focused on – the people, the patient and the experience.

I was completely blown away in how they approached the project.  It’s so much more fulfilling for a photographer to shoot a “story”, something that tells people what’s going on, what to expect, versus just capturing images to fill out placeholders.

So often, the shot list for many projects falls to a very bland list of “just need a snap” pieces to be placed behind the copy.  Thoughtful storytelling using photography as the main tool is often overlooked.  Often times, the schedules and creative teams just don’t have time for it – or worse – make time for it.  It’s sad, because all the copy in the world isn’t going to affect how people react to your message as much as a well crafted photograph that “tells the story” without any words.

CMH started off very focused on their message and worked with our team to help create imagery that conveyed their message in a very visual way.  Make no mistake, as photographer, we always insert our creative edge into the images we capture, but to have the opportunity of a true collaborative effort with the client always nets a more compelling story.  Stories that can be read without words.  Stories that have meaning and add to the message of caring and hope.  Patients can feel it.

Here are a few screen shots of the website and some of the final work in use.  Visit to see the rest.