Fear, excuses, mentors and a single quote…

One week into 2018. How are you doing on your goals? Are you committed?

One quote from a recent Tim Ferris Book is emblazoned in my mind and has helped me stay fast to my plans and to add a few things to that plan…

“Not Dead, Cant Quit!”

Sometimes it’s the smallest of phrases that keep us on track to DTFW (do the “flipping” work).

If you’re physically able, why don’t we do the work? Is it because we’re afraid to fail? Afraid to succeed? Not truly able? Too distracted, to busy scrolling our latest social media feed? Long story short, there are no excuses if you aren’t dead.

This quote was pulled from a quadruple amputee’s story in the book, Kyle Maynar.  At first, I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t want to read this chapter.  As I dug deeper and plugged on, I realized why.

The reason why wasn’t because it was going to be a sad story.  It wasn’t because he was a wrestler and I didn’t think I’d relate to his stories or athletic references.  I’ll put it out there and admit that I was a bit put off at reading it, simply because I knew I’d probably read that this kid has done more than I could dream of. I had a feeling it might make me a bit uncomfortable with the excuses I put up when I’m faced with a facet of work, fitness or life that I’m trying to avoid.

I read it.  I re-read it.  There are no excuses.  It’s not easy to admit that to ourselves.  But when we look at why we make them…when we confront the rationale behind them…that’s when we find out the real reason we’re not possibly achieving the most we can.  Most of us are simply held back by our own doing.  It’s uncomfortable to think about…but once you start to look at things this way…you learn a lot about why you are the way you are.

I can’t wait to read more stories and perspectives in this book.  I can feel the growth while reading it.

It’s quite fitting that Julie and I received this book from two very dear mentors of our own, Roge & Sandy Riedinge of Beverly Internationa.

Thanks again for the book guys.  We are loving it.

Hope a few of you following me love it and find the stories growth filled too.

Here’s the book…