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Industrial photography covers a wide array of companies many varying industries, all linked by a common thread - Illustrating the process of building, making, manufacturing and creating something.
Many companies seek out our services to capture industrial photographs for varying uses:
To show their employees and colleagues building and making things often on large scale projects.  The sites we have been blessed to photograph include commercial construction, drilling, manufacturing, transportation, and energy.
Since the Industrial Revolution, the history of industry has been well documented by many photographers and have captured the many stages of this changing landscape.  So many businesses and entities from multinational manufacturers to boutique shops using industrial photography. We've been blessed to work on both ends of this spectrum.  
Many of our industrial photographs feature not only the project but the human side of the process.  Integrating people into industrial photography allows the viewer an inside look at how the knowledge and skill of people, safety equipment as well as specialized manufacturing tools and equipment all play a role in that particular industry that is being photographed.
We've had the opportunity and privilege to work on location where we have handled heightened levels of safety and security such as working atop a 42 story construction site.  
Trade and Industrial publications also seek out our services to make photos and pictures for feature articles and covers of magazines. These publications often focus on a specific industry such as waste management or emerging power plant technologies.  As well, many large companies and brands publish their own journals and magazines such as Ford's COMMUNITY and Cooper Robotics ASSEMBLY NEWS.
Industrial Brands have utilized our photographic capabilities to capture images of their operations and capabilities to communicate with potential buyers and investors in advertising, buyer communication, blogs and annual reports. 
We focus on capturing Industrial photography in many areas such as: renewable energy, government subsidies for environmental improvements, new technologies, shipping, transport, and manufacture of goods, components and structures.


Industrial Photography Client Reviews:

Industrial Photography

Rick has always been a pleasure to work with! In addition to the phenomenal final artwork deliveries, he is always very mindful and accommodating to tight deadlines and restrictions my company had. 

10/10 would recommend Rick to others in need of excellent shots! He is very trustworthy and truly has an "eye" for what you're looking for.

Cara Croley
Atkins & Pearce

Flexible & Professional

It's always a pleasure to work with Rick. Aside from being extremetly professional, he's flexible, focused, efficient, and creative in his approach. I'm amazed at how he can take relatively uninteresting subject matters and giving them life and depth. If you're looking for a telented photographer who just "get's it", he's your guy.

Kristin Adams
Kao Collins

Industrial Construction Aerial

We have used Rick several times on our job sites over the last several years. Service has been super professional and timely.
A long term relationship for aerial services is a no brainer as they are cost effective and the quality of aerial photography they produce is unmatched in the Cincinnati area.
Rick has a client focus that is spot on.  Thanks much for your awesome work!

Mark Isman

Industrial Photo Pro 5 Stars

Working with Rick Lohre Photography has been - all around - an excellent experience.  Not only is the final product exactly what we were hoping to achieve, the road to completion (from start to finish) was free of issues.  High quality, easy to work with, forward thinking and extremely responsive to questions, ideas & needs.  Two thumbs up!

Nicole M Niehaus
M4 Marketing

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