Constraints = Forced Creativity

Four hours. One camera. One lens. Two batteries. A Fiat and an iPhone.No lens swaps or dual camera setup. No big camera bag.

Sometimes setting constraints makes the creative juices flow a little better.

Traveling with the Fujifilm X Series has truly changed my photography.  It’s lightweight yet extremely capable, not to mention durable.  Since the X series is a very lightweight system, it’s tempting to carry three lenses two bodies and a slew of accessories.  In the past with my DSLR gear that was not logistically possible without a massive gear bag. That said, I often intentionally create situations of forced creativity by setting constraints.  Like one lens, one body etc.  These limitations make me think creatively about what shots I can and cannot get, what angles might work and which ones won’t.  In short it exercises the creative muscles in my brain.

Today was one of those days.  I loved it!

I’ll be sharing a few of the shots I get in the coming days…

Fujifilm X Series Photographer

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