Lifestyle Photography – It’s about the emotion…

As much as many photographers like myself like to geek out on the details of a shot and get it “perfect”…sometimes that “perfect” shot comes from the emotion conveyed not the geeky detail oriented planning.
Sure…having just the right composition, a dialed in lighting scheme, tack sharp focus, that perfect model, makeup that’s flawless and poses that are just right…those things can certainly make a photo look like it was shot “professionally”.
If the shots are lacking the emotion, that “feeling” you’re looking for, it’s not going to help the viewer really connect and believe in the moment.
Lifestyle photographer
This shot is an example of just rolling with it on a shoot…our lighting wasn’t quite dialed in yet and the set wasn’t “set”…but the baby and “mom” were.

On this particular shoot, I decided that we needed to take a few captures in the moment that was happening prior to the stepping on set…
The lighting might have been a little hot, the makeup not quite done, and the wardrobe wasn’t quite what we had planned…
That said, this shot delivers, it delivers the emotion we had all hoped we could create on set.

It happened in an unplanned moment, organically, and without fuss.
So while we all must plan out our shoots with care, be ready.

Be ready to capture the shot when it’s happening with real emotion.