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Often when discussing the work I do, a topic seems to come up repeatedly…

What exactly is it you do when you shoot advertising lifestyle photography?  When you're shooting lifestyle is it all staged or does the scene happen organically? 

To me, these questions all stem from difficulty in defining what “lifestyle photography” really is.

Lifestyle photography for advertising lies somewhere in between commercially produced photography, documentary photography and candid portraiture. Let me explain further...

  • A commercial advertising photographer will control the entirity of the shot...everything from casting models, sourcing props, directing the mood, setting up studio lighting or controlling natural lighting. 
  • A documentary photographer will have a “fly on the wall” approach, a minimalistic approach to catching life as it is without trying to interfere with what is going on.
  • A candid portrait photographer will set up lighting, pick the scenario, and lightly guide the scene and people in it while allowing for more spontaneous moments.  In both, the photographer attempts to tell the story of real life.  

My own take on Lifestyle Photography is a mix of authentic and staged. What I am shooting could actually happen in real life (this is the base definition of “lifestyle” IMHO), however I would never be able to capture the variety and breadth of imagery in such a short period unless I have some control over parts of the scene.  While shooting a lifestyle photography job, I try to create a diversity of circumstances that will generate "real-life" scenes that may not have naturally happened at the specific moment we were shooting if I had not had input.

The images in the gallery above were taken either on set or on location during what normally is a half day of shooting or less.  Most all of these moments could have happened in the life, and what I am showing is basically natural moments cut out from a slice of "mildly staged" scenes. 

Like in ccommercial photography, I try to control a few things: light is the main one (I choose the scene to either harness natural light or a scene where I can control all aspects of lighting by using studio strobes), location (I might move things in the scene or arrange furniture to get a better shooting environment or angle), and some of the action on set.  While I won't pose my subjects, I will give them tasks or roles to play and then will let them BE. I want them to act as naturally as possible, and interact with each other as they always do.


LIFESTYLE Photography Client Reviews:

Charitable Lifestyle Images

Rick came to Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky to photograph guests and shelter life to be used for publicity and promotional materials. This is a difficult environment in the evenings as we see individuals in crisis and yet Rick was able to be professional, compassionate, ethical and engaging with everyone he encountered. Most of all, he was able to see each individual for their beauty, feelings and value despite their circumstances. He captured the shelter in a positive way and overall his images reflect our mission to be life saving in the winter and life changing in the summer.

Kim Webb


What a wonderful experience with such a professional photographer. Rick was wonderful with all his suggestions but very open to my ideas!

Mallory DeBra

Best Images We've Had!

Thank YOU and Julie for taking on the challenge of BOP and for providing us with the best images we’ve had of the event to date. You’ve made it impossible to bring anyone else out but you two 🙂
Alix Miller
VVF & Birds Of Prey World Cup

True Excellence!

Rick consistently delivers high quality work regardless of tight timelines and complications placed in front of him.  He is sure to deliver above quality and is a great pleasure to work with!

Taci Shinn


Rick & Julie have consistently been an amzaing collaborator for myself and my advertising business for some time.  He is uber reliable, courteous, creative, and CONSISTENT with quality of work results.  I would always recommend he and his team for the toughest and most intensive of commercial photography and advertising photography projects. The Best!!

Marie Anneblista
EGUE - Bordeaux France

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

I had an opportunity to work with Rick and Julie for a comprehensive photography project, and they were phenomenal. Their professionalism and attention to detail from start to finish made it as smooth a process as possible. They were committed to delivering on our vision and made the entire shoot accessible and flexible so that we could be confident we had exactly what we needed. I would absolutely recommend them to others looking for a highly creative, reliable, and professional commercial photography team.

Kelsey Swindler
RCCH HealthCare Partners

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