Healthcare Photoshoot Fun Facts…

Over the past year we’ve worked on a number of healthcare photography projects for St. Elizabeth Healthcare.  It’s been a ball!  See below for a rundown of exactly how much fun it’s been. 😉

A few fun facts about the healthcare photo shoots with St. Elizabeth:

  • 8,018 total frames captured, totaling over 242.8 GB during these healthcare shoots…that’s a lot of “bits”!
  • 146 photos of stand ins. 
  • 33 failed attempts by physicians and nurses to unlock the iPad used as a prop (passcode was 1234).
  • 30 photos of Julie (my producer) sticking her tongue out.
  • 18 photos of Julie holding a doll or “air baby”.
  • 11 photos and 1 video of myself were found on the iPad taken by physicians.
  • 5 cities/municipalities in Kentucky were shot in…Edgewood, Crestview Hills, Florence, Ft. Thomas & Gunpowder Creek.
  • 4 photos of one patient holding a firearm.
  • 3 potentially embarrassing photos of PDA’s by physicians.
  • 2 photo bombs by nurses and staff.
  • 1 photo of a baby giving me the finger during the shoots.
  • And countless photos to be compiled into two new personal projects “Faces of Julie” and “Faces of Kate (the art director)”.