Photo Gear For Sale Cincinnati

Photo Gear For Sale

As I transition out of photography and into digital marketing and web design for medium and small size business, I will be selling a bulk of my photo gear. Much is either location lighting or studio lighting gear. Lights, stands, strobe triggers, light modifiers, etc etc. There is no camera gear for sale. Not ready to part with my Fuji X series gear just yet.

Below is a list of gear and I’ll keep it updated as best as possible. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. If you know photo gear, you know what it’s worth. If not and you need a price on anything I’ll happily look up what they’re going for used on a couple sites like Ebay and KEH photo and will give you a very fair deal. Without further ado, here’s the list as well as a link to photos of most of the gear.

Link to gallery:

Photo gear

– 1x Pocket Wizard PlusX

– 3x Pocket Wizard PlusII

– Background roll pulley and clamps (Sold)

– 6x Super clamps (Sold 7)

– Miscellaneous super clamp bolts, connectors, J-hangers

– 2x Magic arms

– Light stand umbrella adapters/angle brackets/heads

– Ring Light flash kit, Alien Bee 800

– Video shoulder rig and Zacuto Eye cup (Sold)

– Suction cup camera mount

– Lowel pro spot/floods brand new bulbs

– 2x Elinchrom Quadra RA 2x A heads 2x batteries and case

– Elinchrom D-Lite 2it RX Studio Strobe and SM/LG Reflector / Soft Box Ring

– Elinchrom D-Lite 4 RX Studio Strobe and Reflector / Soft Box Ring

– Elinchrom Octo Box ring

– 2x Photo Grids

– Circular Polarizer 72mm

– Circular Polarizer 77mm

– California Sunbounce 24×36

– California Sunbounce 36×48

– Light Stand 12’

– Light Stand 8’

– Bogen/Manfrotto Tripod with 3x mounting plates and multi swivel head

– Carbon Fiber Tripod

– 3x Avenger 12’ C-Stands (2 silver, 1 black that is able to be broken down)

– 3x Avenger 6’ C-Stands

– Fotodiox 5’x7′ Collapsible Black + White 2-in-1 – Background, Backdrop

– Kata Pro-Light FlyBy-76 Rolling Case 22 x 14.6 x 10

– Tamrac Professional Series Backpack: Anvil 27 – 12.2 x 20.9 x 9.8

– Set of Four Apple Boxes, Full, 1/2, 1/4 & Pancake (Sold)

– Beauty Dish 22″ (with changeable speed ring – currently Elinchrom)

– Misc Photo Clamps (Sold)

– 2x Pelican Cases (1 Unplucked / 1 with top/bottom pads) Suitcase size Model #?

– L / M / S Photoflex Soft Boxes

– 2x 30” Strip Boxes

– 1 Paul Buff Parabolic Umbrella with 2x diffusers

– 2x 30” Umbrella’s (white) with black cover for bounce or remove for shoot through

– Stand Bag 5’

– Misc small soft and hard sided gear bags, cases etc

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